What is Take Me Home?

Take Me Home features affordable accents to your life. Many of our items are designed and crafted by independent artisans. Our goal is to provide a friendly atmosphere that offers fresh, fun gifts, including jewelry, purses, cards, tableware, candles, soaps, lotions, and other unique items. Take Me Home is your local source for Trollbeads. Come in today and see our wide selection!

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Palos Park

Who Should Use Take Me Home?

Take me home has a great number of gifts, purses, candies, trollbeads, soaps, lotions, and homewares all designed just for you! If you are looking for a custom gift, then you should be looking into Take Me Home! If you want something unique, quirky, or slightly off-beat for that very unique individual, then Take Me Home should also be in your future plans!

Shopping with Take Me Home is completely and totally simple. The only down part to it is that all of the scented lotions and candles obviously cannot be sampled over the Internet, but they are clearly marked and hopefully that will be sufficient for a discerning consumer such as yourself.

When to Shop Take Me Home

There are some great reasons to try Take Me Home. Some of them are the standard times to give gifts such as national holidays and birthdays, but what about other times, such as:

  • Religious holidays: Not everyone in the United States is of Christian faith, and sometimes a small gift to acknowledge your understanding of someone else’s faith system will go a long ways!
  • Moving in: New neighbors? Consider getting them a nice housewarming gift!
  • Moving out: Saying goodbye to old friends that are moving on? Give them a going away gift!
  • Bon Voyage: Is someone taking a trip? If so, consider giving them something nice as a going away gift or maybe even a coming back gift!
  • Graduation: Some graduates need gifts just as unique and quirky as they are! Give them what they need to be themselves!
  • Baby shower: What better way to welcome a new baby into the world than with some amazingly unique gifts?
  • Weddings: A new union always calls for gifts, but unique gifts are really what will set your offering apart from the rest! Besides, who the heck appreciates a toaster anyhow?!
  • Divorces: On the flip side what about a ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ party with some sort of nice gift to ease the transition to singleness along. It might not be a long transition anyhow.

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